Display Ads:

Many businesses use display ads to promote a product, service, or event. Our ads are created with art work, color, and offer the best brand identity to promote your company and its products or services.

Classified Ads:

Our classified ads are typically text only although adding a photograph is optional for an additional charge. Classified ads are grouped with many other ads under a heading describing the category of the product, service or event you are bringing awareness to. They are listed under headings such as “For Sale, Farm Equipment, Services, etc.” These ads are based on 20 words or less.  A small per week fee is applied for more than 20 words.  Classified line ads are FREE for 3 weeks for individuals and only $5 per week for businesses with a 3 week minimum run.  Classified ads must be prepaid.  We accept MasterCard or Visa.

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Digital Ads:

We are rapidly growing our following online with the power of the search engines, social media, and referrals that come from our 44,000 weekly audience members from our paper distribution. Our digital ads are served in multiple, flexible formats depending on your budget and desires.

Examples of Ads

Where should I advertise?

Display and digital ads are the preferred choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations while classified ads are the preferred choice for individuals. Depending on your targeted demographic, both display and digital ads may be the appropriate fit to receive the maximum amount of exposure on your products or service.

Allowing our team to help you choose the appropriate ad type, length, and design is probably best.
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“Gaither Quality Construction was established November of 2014 and contacted Miss Cheryl Phillips. She helped create an ad that looked great! I started advertising with Family Classifieds in November of 2015 and have ever since. Family Classifieds helped my business have an awesome first year and sold lots of jobs. Miss Cheryl is a big part of it with great customer service! Thanks Family Classifieds and Miss Cheryl!”
-Joe Gaither, Owner/Operator GQC – Cunningham, Kentucky

“MosenBella’s Frontter Firearms was established February of 2015. We were new and extremely concerned with our advertising budget. Cheryl Phillips of Family Classifieds worked diligently with us. She helped create an advertising program that fit our budget and it worked extremely well. We immediately started seeing results! Customers expressed that they had learned of us through our ad in Family Classifieds. We have been pleased and feel like our best ‘bang for the buck’ has been achieved with Family Classifieds. Our sales representative has become a trusted friend. As a business owner, I would highly recommend that other business owners call Family Classifieds for their advertising solutions.”

-Jeff “Mose” Alexander, Owner of MosenBella’s Frontier Firearms – Mayfield, Kentucky
“Jones Ford has advertised with Family Classifieds for years. They pulled out for a couple of months to pursue other advertising mediums. They quickly returned to Family Classifieds and within two weeks they sold a truck to a customer more than 100 miles away in Murray, Kentucky! They are now once again a regular advertiser and a satisfied customer of Family Classifieds.”
-Anthony Benton, General Manager at Jones Ford – Savannah, Tennessee